PAUL WELLER ! ‘Heliocentric’ Album Turns 15…

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Artist: Paul Weller
Home/Age: Woking, Surrey, UK – born May 25, 1958 …
Former bands: The Jam (1972-1982) and The Style Council (1983-1989)
Birthday album: ‘Heliocentric’ – his fifth LP released April 10, 2000 .
My impressions: vintage slices of ‘feel good rock & soul music’ à la Weller – smooth songs with many layers – delivered with passion and afflatus – powerful, characteristic voice – another proof of the Modfather’s songwriting talents and the man is getting better all the time and ‘stylish’ of course – see you next Sunday in Brugge (Belgium), Mr. Weller !
Highlights: Frightened / A Whale’s Tale / Dust and Rocks

NME review
Biography Paul Weller
Discography solo career

Music, maestro, please…


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