PAVEMENT – Third Album ‘WOWEE ZOWEE’ Came Out 20 Years Ago…

11 April 2015

Artist: PAVEMENT (Stockton, California, US)

Album: WOWEE ZOWEE – the title was an homage to former drummer
Gary Young who would frequently yell “wowee zowee” when being excited.

Released: 10 April 1995 – 20 years ago

Critical praise: Rolling Stone Magazine voted Wowee Zowee
the 12th coolest long player of all time.

Turn Up The Volume‘s impression: One of their best efforts which gave the band their (underground) star status although the sales were really poor – slacker glory inspired by Stephen Malkmus enormous marijuana appetite – at times chaotic, uneasy and eclectic but an overall multicolored collage of 90s alternative rock !…

Highlights: We Dance / Rattled By The Rush / Serpentine Pad / Best Friend’s Arm /
Grave Architecture / AT & T / Alt Rad

Album in full…

PAVEMENT: Facebook

(photo: Getty Images)

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