WIRE – New Self-Titled LP Is A Modern Day Work Of Art…

20 April 2015

New wave veterans Wire released their brand new self-titled album just last week. Their fourteenth studio longplayer. Just imagine you never heard about this band and you really know nothing about them, I’m sure you and many others would scream out loud that this record is a contender for ‘best debut album of the year’. Over the years they kept evolving and became masters of guitar pop-rock songwriting with stunning rhythmical sounds to create around. ‘Blogging’ is a fascinating, haunting psych colored ride criticising the social media. ‘Burning Bridges’ is electrifying dream pop glory. ‘Sleep-Walking’ is a slow-moving groovy walk. ‘Harpooned’ is a sonic masterpiece, a noisy bastard with a knife between its teeth and a crystal clear proof that Wire happens today. Like an ongoing fresh and inventive team. Brilliant stuff. Discover it for yourself…

WIRE: Website – Facebook – Biography – Discography

Stylish survivors

(photo below: FB – Wire)

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