PFARMERS – ‘The National’ and ‘Menomena’ Supergroup on a Mind-Blowing Trip…


Fresh new band Pfarmers – with members of ‘The National’ (Bryan Devendorf) and ‘Menomena’ (Danny Seim) alongside St Vincent and Sufjan Stevens collaborator Dave Nelson – share brand new single ‘You Shall Know The Spirit’ from their debut album ‘Gunnera’, released on May 12. A majestic trippy track. Haunting & mind-blowing stuff !

Danny Seim on ‘You Shall Know The Spirit: “Dave sent me an instrumental jam that he and Bryan recorded together on the east coast and I chopped it into bits on the west coast and sent it back to them for more layering. It was kind of litmus test to see if the three of us could work together from across the country. We were happy with the result and decided to make a full album from there.”


They got the looks…

Pfarmers’ Record Label


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