IAN McCULLOCH – Happy 56 To The Big Mouth And Iconic Singer/Songwriter…


Ian McCulloch: “I’m the second best singer ever, after Frank Sinatra”…


Ian Stephen McCulloch was born May 5, 1959 in Liverpool. Happy 56!
As a massive fan of Echo & The Bunnymen (saw them live about 25 times. Well, simply because they were/are just one of the best live bands ever) and Ian McCulloch as their magical singer/songwriter, charismatic personality, big-mouthed star and passionate performer with a superb voice, I want to hear at least these two following songs (and
the first 5 Echo albums) today…

‘Lift Me Up’ from his hardly promoted solo LP
“Pro Patria Mori” (2012). A magnificent song

‘Rescue’ from the Bunnymen’s debut LP ‘Crocodiles’ (1980). 
Timeless classic. “Is This The Blues I’m Singing…”

Ian McCulloch – Facebook
Echo & The Bunnymen – Website

Antwerp, Belgium 2014 – Godlike genius

(pics by Turn Up The Volume!)

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