THE BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE Compose ‘Musique De Film Imaginé’…


‘Musique de film imaginé’ (music for film imagined) is a soundtrack that pays homage to the great European film directors of the late ’50s and ’60s, such as François Truffaut & Jean-Luc Godard .

Jean-Luc Goddard…

The album is created by Anton Newcombe on behalf of The Brian Jonestown Massacre for an imaginary French film. Guests on this special and daring symphonic experience are French chanteuse and multi-instrumentalist SoKo. Also, Italian actress, singer and director Asia Argento, who worked with The Pop Group recently, worked with Newcombe on the album. But the major part of the soundtrack is instrumental. Let’s just listen with a foreword first of the versatile creator himself …

Anton Newcombe: “The album that you are about to hear is a soundtrack, my own creation, a tribute to great directors and filmmakers to an era that now seems to be behind us. Leaving the smart person to care to imagine that this art could now be in the shadow of its former glory. The interesting thing about this project is that the film does not exist either. Even so, I imagined and I realized its soundtrack. Now it’s your turn, you are the listener to imagine the film.”


The soundtrack that Anton Newcombe composed for a non-existing movie sounds overall vulnerable, dark, mysterious, tragic yet strangely romantic to my ears. As a dedicated movie fan myself I was determined to find me a film to match this soundtrack. After a couple of listens, just out of the blue, I saw images of Paris, Texas. The impressive work of art (1984) directed by Wim Wenders about a broken relationship with a brilliant Harry Dean Stanton and Nastassja Kinski as key actors.


Imagine a remake of that masterpiece, this time set in Paris, France on a specific night in 1968 with leading roles for a young, charismatic Jacques Dutronc and his gorgeous wife Françoise Hardy (two famous French singers/actors from 60s/70s) directed by Jean-Luc Goddard in black and white. And at the end of the movie ‘Paris S’éveille’ that brilliant song by Jacques Dutronc of a city waking up after another busy night should be on the speakers. Ma magie fantastique. Sorry I’m drifting away and it would take too long to explain all details about my idealized film and after all we’re only fascinated by our own dreams, but Anton Newcombe proves, once again (also with his ‘real’ BJTM work), that music is made in the first place to make people fantasize, to make them create their most intimate dreams, to escape from whatever bothers them in daily life …

Mon film imaginé…

‘Paris s’éveille / Paris wakes up’ by Jacques Dutronc – 1968…

The Brian Jonestown Massacre: Website


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