DEUX FURIEUSES With Captivating Blues Injected Outburst – Here’s ‘ARE WE SEXY ENOUGH?’


Artist: deux furieuses

Who: Female duo – Ros (guitar & vocals) and Vas (drums) based in London

Sounds: two great, socially engaged and politically outspoken, personalities who soundtrack their anger and views on society with loud wake-up calls and powerful
post-punk strokes.

Track: ARE WE SEXY ENOUGH? – Their brand new, third, single is a surprising one.
No garage punk rock explosions, no concrete slams. This is a highly intense, blues
injected ballad. An electrifying rant against the still existing, immensely humiliating
view on women as sex objects. deux furieuses impress again and display their versatile talent as gifted songwriters. The production is by Rob Ellis (PJ Harvey) with mixing and
post-production by Mark Freegard (The Breeders) and will be released on June 9th.

Capture the rage here…

deux furieuses: iTunes – Website – Facebook – Twitter

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