THE STONES ROSES Wrote History 25 Years Ago…



Spike Island is an island in the estuary of the River Mersey, in North West England, flanked by the Sankey Canal was the site of a famous outdoor concert by the legendary The Stone Roses on May 27, 1990. With a crowd of 27,000, the show in this once-industrial area of Widnes in Cheshire has become the stuff of Madchester legend, rhapsodised, euologised, recounted ad infinitum. Millions claimed to be there. A certain Liam Gallagher attended the ‘once in a lifetime’ gig and decided right there, right then that he wanted to form a band and be a rock ‘n roll star. Noel, his brother, was there too: “It wasn’t actually a good gig, but the vibes were awesome, everybody on drugs and we all had the feeling of being part of a truly unique event…”


One of the best albums ever…


‘I wasn’t a gig, it’s was a statement’

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