THE STONES ROSES ! History – 25 years ago..


Spike Island is an island in the estuary of the River Mersey, in North West England, flanked by the Sankey Canal was the site of a famous outdoor concert by the legendary The Stone Roses on May 27, 1990. With a crowd of 27,000, the show in this once-industrial area of Widnes in Cheshire has become the stuff of Madchester legend, rhapsodised, euologised, recounted ad infinitum. Millions claimed to be there. A certain Liam Gallagher attended the ‘once in a lifetime’ gig and decided right there, right then that he wanted to form a band and be a rock ‘n roll star. Noel, his brother, was there too: “It wasn’t actually a good gig, but the vibes were awesome, everybody on drugs and we all had the feeling of being part of a truly unique event…”


One of the best albums ever…


Roses – Website
Roses – Facebook

‘I wasn’t a gig, it’s was a statement’

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