MEET… MATTHEAH BEAM ! Touching Song – Heartbreaking Video…

Artist: Mattheah Beam
Who: an acclaimed American folk singer/songwriter – she released three albums so far – she also formed with Sierra Casady of CocoRosie the Metallic Falcons project, who put out the ‘Desert Doughnuts‘ album (2006) and collaborated with many other artists from Perfume Genius to Devendra Banhart to Lower Dens to Liturgy to Vashti Bunyan
‘Shout Out’ track: ‘Peach Tree’ – from new album ‘Falling Theater’ – her third LP, released in 2014 – Spotify link beneath, a wonderfully serene record to discover …
My impression: I’m quite familiar with CocoRosie but I never heard of Mattheah Beam nor Metallic Falcons – but as I’m surfing sometimes for hours on the net in search of new music I came across Beam – I saw the new shared video for her song ‘Peach Tree‘ before I’ve read the accompanying press info – it’s a touching pearl of a song and a heartbreaking video/story (directed by filmmaker Jonathan Caouette) – beauty in all its sadness – discover and experience…

Review of ‘Fallen Theater’ – third solo album

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