TUBELIGHT Scores Contender For Best Track Of 2015 With ‘I WANNA HIT’…



Home: Diest, Belgium

Track: I WANNA HIT – the minacious & thunderous closer on
their excellent debut album ‘Heliosphere‘ (Spotify link below)

Score: From the bass drone intro on, followed by frontman Lee Swinnen‘s threatening
vox and the way he warns us that he wanna hit, you can feel a diabolic electricity in the
air. Midway the creepy ride the sonic thunderous orchestration gets heavier and nastier. The drummer hammers gloriously frenetic before he goes completely bonkers. Then the fantastic, psych injected banging groove takes over again and leads this wall-of-frantic-sound towards a rousing finale. This is an overwhelming mind-bending hit. Get your headphones on, turn up the volume and freak out. This way, folks…


Debut longplayer

(photo by TUTV!)

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