METZ – Massive Canadian Punk Drones in Brussels…


METZ – Botanique, Brussels – June 17, 2015…


When working on their second album METZ II singer/guitarist Alex Edkins had this clear message: “We are not going to clean up our sound, we are not going to hire a big producer, we are not going to try to write a radio song…” Smart decision ! Who needs orchestrated tunes when you can bombard your ‘we want to go bonkers’ audience with hammering concrete drones and metal punk grooves. Metz are a kind of mega-power-rock Nirvana without Cobain’s melodies. The Toronto noisemakers (charming guys between songs) are about monstrous merciless riffage, sledgehammer drumming (I swear I saw drummer Hayden Menzies hitting his gear with four hands at one point) and deafening bass attacks. On top of that – almost hard to believe – frontman Edkins succeeds to bellow out loud like a badly wounded madman.


Meanwhile strobe flashes create a kind of Friday the 13th atmosphere. Fascinating ! The band’s intensity is beyond normality. An inexhaustible volume of energy. I have no idea how they manage to do a world tour without accidents of huge shortage of oxygen. The composition of the setlist is clever. One to win wars with. The irresistible headbutts (The Mule / I.O.U. / Acetate and Wet Blanket) are saved for last. Brussels goes up and down, forward and backward. Exorcism all around until the final bang. Brilliant !

The setlist. Paper is out. Cardboard is in…

More gig pics
Metz – Facebook
Metz – Twitter

(All pics: JL / TurnUpTheVolume)

A taster of METZ live…

And here’s the overwhelming new album METZ II in full…

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