25 June 2015


Artist: The Chemical Brothers (Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons)
Birthday album: ‘Exit Dust Planet’ – the start of a still ongoing (the Brothers release their brand new LP ‘Born In Echoes’ on July 17th) thrilling rave with big dance beats and explosive electronica !…
Date of release: 26 June, 1995
Facts: the Brothers met in 1989 at Manchester University where both were history majors – they started the band in 1994 as ‘The Dust Brother’s (Simons and Rowlands were fans of The Beastie Boys’ Paul’s Boutique and took their name from the U.S.-based production team for that project) but that name was already taken by an American band who threatened to sue the bros – they changed it to the name we all know, inspired by the ‘Chemical Beats’ track – the title of the LP is a reference to that change of name – it was the discovery of the Public Enemy record ‘It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back’ that propelled both into a different aural direction and influenced the creation of ‘Exit Dust Planet‘ – Tom Rowlands stated in 2002 that they “stayed up for three weeks making it” – the cover of the album was from a 1970s fashion shoot reject box – it was one of the few European post-techno albums to make any sort of headway into the stateside market – it peaked at #9 in the UK albums chart…
My highlights: Leave Home / Three Little Birdies Down Beats / Chemical Beats / Chico’s Groove / One Too Many Mornings / Life Is Sweet

Leave Home

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