KASABIAN On Fire In The Netherlands…


KASABIAN – Tivoli Venue, Utrecht, The Netherlands – 27 June, 2015


British rock turbo KASABIAN played two small venues in The Netherlands as a warm-up
for their performance today (28 June) at Rock Werchter in Belgium, my country. I’m not into massive festivals anymore. Far too crowded and scandalously expensive. I’d rather have a 2-hour drive to Utrecht (mid-sized town in The Netherlands) and seeing one of my favorite live bands at the very front in a cool 2000-capacity venue! I already saw the Leicester gang performing eight times but I can’t get enough. Nor do the British Army of fans that follow their band everywhere in Europe. We all had a blast… again.

British Army of fans in action…

Kasabian is a natural-born live band and after five albums they make us all go bonkers with a greatest hits set. A mix of highly adrenalized rock anthems (‘Shoot The Runner’, ‘Days Are Forgotten’, ‘Fire’,’L.S.F’) and electro dance influenced crackers (‘Bumblebeee’, ‘Club Foot’, ‘Eez-Eh). A whirlwind of terrace-chant style songs. A hurricane of killer drones with Tom Meighan and Sergio Pizzorno leading the troops as usual. Fireworks that make a thousand people going up and down from the very first minute. Oh yeah, I was there too in the front. After taking pictures I joined the jumping herd. Kasabian Live is an irresistible party. You only need to endure the flying beer and help someone up to his feet from time to time. Here’s an idea of the experience…

I’m in there, somewhere in the front…

Tom Meighan loves his job madly. He’s the perfect rock & roll band frontman. He knows all the tricks in the book. He sets the whole place on fire with his nervous moves – left to right, forward and backward – and his wild, encouraging cheers. A charming madman next to the musical chief in charge, Sergio Pizzorno. The maestro looked even thinner than the previous time.

Tom Meighan – the man in the middle…

Tonight’s cover was People Are Strange. A classic The Doors song. Quite strange that almost everybody knew the words. An eclectic crowd, from teenagers to their parents, from young to old. That’s what awesome live bands do, they appeal to many rock generations. Hail Hail Kasabian!

Serge Pizzorno ,  the orchestra’s leader…

(All concert pics: Turn Up The Volume!)

Can’t get enough…

KASABIAN: Setlist – Coming Tour Dates – Website

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