AMERIKAN BEAR – Crackbrained Californian Psychedelia On A ‘SUMMER DAY’…



Who/home: an eight-miles-high pentad out of San Diego, California

Influences: Black Angels, Night Beats, The Mystic Braves,
Thee Oh Sees, Ty Segall, White Fence and pizza

Track: SUMMER DAY – From their self-titled 5-track EP

In their own words:A mixture of psychedelic surf, garage and R&B, fueled
and fronted by a wild mans haunted soul.

Score: My guess is that ‘Amerikan Bear’ was formed in 1966, a fantastic year for mind-bending hallucinogens influenced music. Once upon a hot summer day while the band was jamming in a basement someone locked the door and threw away the key – this duress affected their sound profoundly – freakish guitars going jingle jangle, hunted drums, basement echoes, turbulent reverb and a howling frontman with a tormented soul on top of it all. Have a listen but don’t unlock the door, I don’t want them to get in the real world and create normal music…

AMRIKAN BEAR: Full EP on Bandcamp – Facebook – Twitter

Meanwhile in the basement…

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