ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN – Debut Album ‘Crocodiles’ Released 35 Years Ago…


17 July 2015


A gyratory fusion of darksome post-punk and Doors-inspired psychedelia...
Echo & The Bunnymen entered the eighties with a bang through the big gate !
‘Crocodiles’ their debut album was released 35 years ago – on July 18, 1980
A grand performance that stands the test of time with its theatrical & dramatic sound !
‘Big mouth’ Ian McCulloch’s poisonous lyrics enlarged the feel of gloomy mysticism
His extraordinary voice, his arrogant & room-filling presence would become legendary !
Will Sergeant was/is an outstanding guitarist who defined the band’s sound profoundly…
Machine-gun drummer, Pete De Freitas ( who died in a motorcycle accident – only 27 !) and groovy bass player Les Pattinson were crucial for the band’s sonic grandeur ! This line-up was awesome on stage – I had the luck to experience them live as a youngster – unforgettable ! ‘Crocodiles’ started a long & brilliant (and still ongoing) Bunnymen rollercoaster blessed with several brilliant records…

Ian McCulloch : “We didn’t understand the political, fashionable aspects of punk. The Bunnymen were about trying to be cool. I thought cool wasn’t about selling records. We were awkward bastards, but we didn’t wanted to be the second best band in the world…”

Tremendous album highlight ‘Rescue’ – live in Germany 1983 !

Awkward bastards…

‘Crocodiles’ in full…




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