ELEFANT – Poignant Post Punk Exorcism…


24 July 2015



Who/home: a blasting supergroup quartet with members from four different
Belgium bands formed at the end of last year to ventilate their true demons…


Score: this intriguing track made me go and see wackos Elefant for the very first time in my hometown Ghent, Belgium. My guess is that their white suits are stolen from former chemical Chernobyl scientists, especially since they even look like those deadly pale scientists with the white ‘deadly pale’ powder of their wifes on their faces.

Once they kicked off the gig you almost forgot immediately about their nuclear power plant look – their post-punk havoc interwoven with dark krautrock patterns take you by the throat from hit one – sledgehammer blows on the drums, freakish guitar chords, stomping bass drones, tortured keyboards and from time to time aggressive vocals, often in Kraftwerk language, on top of the barbed wire beats – partly instrumental, partly with clamorous belches – I hope they will transfer their musical exorcism on record soon – experience the demonic stuff right here…

Elefant – Facebook

(photos by Turn Up The Volume! Charlatan, Ghent – 22 July, 2015)

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