PSYCHIATRIC METAPHORS – Warning: Addictive Stuff…



Who/home: PM is the DIY project from psychedelic punk Sam Taylor out of Jersey City, New Jersey. For live performances, he’s assisted by a real band with Mike Bongi (guitar, vocals), Pat Brenner (bass, vocals) and Mike Nugent (drums)…

Track: SLEEP DEPRIVATION – from thrilling debut album ’33 Thorne Street’

Score: Sam Taylor knows that memorable anything-could-happen-for-the-first-time musical decade called the ‘sixties’ quite well, the mind-blowing side that is – he doesn’t copy it, he translates it in today’s neo-psychedelic language – his keywords are ‘fuzzy jingle-jangle guitars’, ‘repetitive beats’ and ‘subcutaneous, addictive melodies’ – experience ‘Sleep Deprivation’ and you’ll understand his muse…

SOCIALS: Facebook – Twitter

I’m sure you’re ready for the whole
album now – enjoy the ride…

Eight miles high….

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