THE DANDY WARHOLS – ‘Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia’ Is 15…


31 July 2015…


The Dandy Warhols released their third album ‘Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia‘ on August 1, 2000. Fifteen years ago. One of their best and most versatile albums to my ears with its seducing sonic swagger (‘Bohemian Like Me‘), its trance like Velvet Underground echoes (‘Mohammed & ‘Solid‘), its vibrant addictive drive (Get Off), a ‘clap your hands’ country stomper (‘Country Leaver’) and a slo mo gospel love song (The Gospel). The critics loved the record too and the Portland band’s fan base grew extensively.
Happy Bohemia Birthday !…

Frontman Courtney Taylor-Taylor back then: “We felt like we needed to make the last classic rock album. There’s so much guitar in the record. I didn’t want it to sound spineless and sappy. I wanted it to sound like a ‘guitar sound’ or pieces of solid wood, you know, kind of organic at heart thing. We used a strictly speed metal mixer from guy who got famous because he was Anthrax’s producer-mixer.”

Also great news is that The Dandys will play Belgium next September at Crammerock Festival with me in the front row of course. But let’s celebrate first these 13 tales…

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Portland Bohemians…

(photo: FB The dandy Warhols)

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