THE JESUS AND MARY CHAIN ! ‘Psychocandy’ and other Pop Paranoia..


Lokerse Feesten, Belgium – August 5, 2015…


‘Psychocandy’, the groundbreaking debut album by The Jesus And Mary Chain turns 30 this year (released on 18 November, 1985). The Reid brothers decided to follow the trend and are touring now around the globe to play the by now legendary record in full. Yesterday they stopped in Belgium at the Lokerse Feesten Festival. I’m not really into the idea of an LP being played track-by-track on stage. No surprises, no special devious renditions, just an exact reproduction of the original recorded work. But I’m a Jesus & Mary fan, so I hit the road to celebrate an outstanding 80s/90s Band


What I expected in some way also happened. The nine ‘Greatest Hits‘ that followed the ‘Psychocandy’ album turned this concert night into perfection. The brothers’ firstborn will always be special as it was innovative and confrontational, a reverb paradise and their most coherent achievement. But they became – a natural process for ‘great’ artists – much better pop songwriters afterwards. Yes, the Holy Ones produced brilliant Pop Music, drenched of course in fully orchestrated psychedelic noise with a paranoid touch. A combination that turned them into an exceptional rock force. Sonically the songs even got louder, bigger and more richly charged. No wonder Jim Reid is a fan of 60s wicked producer Phil Spector and his phenomenal ‘Wall of Sound’. The Scottish band created their own monumental wall around pop diamonds like April Skies / Head On / Some Candy Talking / Nine Million Rainy Days and the awesome Reverence that got a mind-blowing expanded jam treatment to close yesterday’s special night filled with lots of golden candy ! Perfect !

‘Reverence’ – psychedelic pop paranoia…

‘April Skies’ – melodic fuzz diamond…

The birthday album – one of a kind…

Coming tour dates – Website – Facebook – Twitter

JesusMary5 - kopie-800

(All pics: JL / TurnUpTheVolume)

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