HEMISPHERES – Burning Guitar Buzz From Milwaukee…



Who/home: strapping fresh alt pop rock trio from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Track: ‘BURIED ALIVE’ – from their recently released and excellent 5-track debut EP ‘Refuge’ (free download on SoundCloud – link below)

Score: a thousand burning guitars from the first second with stone solid vocals on top and ‘oh-ah’ harmonies in the back swinging all their way to a big poppy chorus à la Weezer – electrifying stuff…



THE GORGEOUS CHANS – Spectacular Pop Debut…


Who/home: six vibrant pop makers from Nottingham, UK
Track: ‘MARINA AND I’ – their magnificent debut single
Score: party time from the first note – twinkling guitars followed immediately by steamy trumpets and swinging vocals – from there on the revelry grows bigger and irresistible until a fully charged final firework – poptastic !

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THE STROKES – Paranoid Brilliance – Here’s ‘FEAR OF SLEEP’…


The Strokes‘ third studio album ‘First Impressions Of Earth’ released in 2006 is, to my ears, their second best LP (after their debut of course) and ‘Fear Of Sleep’ (track 10) the best piece of adrenalin rock they ever recorded. The intensity of Julian Casablancas‘ voice (he turned 37 yesterday) is enormous. A song about paranoia performed with a paranoid drive by a band capable of crushing anything that tries to slow them down and a frontman on the edge of madness. Brilliant stuff !

How did anybody find out where I was?
How did anybody find that out?
I was hiding from the world, I was a squirrel
But you chopped down my tree to get my fur

Fear of sleep, fear of sleep, the fear of sleep
Fear of sleep, fear of sleep, fear of sleep
Oh fear of sleep, can’t you wait, I’m not done
Fear of sleep, here you come, fall asleep, fall asleep, fall asleep

You’re no fun, you’re no fun
You’re no fun, you’re no fun, you’re no fun
You’re no fun, you’re no fun
You’re no fun, you’re no fun, you’re no fun

I guess everybody’s week must have been pretty rough
‘Cause everybody is drunk, loud and pissed off
I know you hate to be impressed with someone else, other than yourself
But you know trying to hold back on being an asshole helps

Fear of sleep, fear of sleep, fear of sleep
Fear of sleep, where’d you go? Fear of sleep
Oh fear of sleep, so you know, I’m not done
Here we go, here you come, fall asleep, fall asleep, fall asleep

You’re no fun, you’re no fun
You’re no fun, you’re no fun, you’re no fun
You’re no fun, you’re no fun
You’re no fun, you’re no fun, you’re no fun


The Strokes – Website

SEVEN IN THE MIX! Weekend 22-23 August…


Seven dope tracks to soundtrack the weekend !

1/ ‘Dream On, Baby Blue’ by CHORUSGIRL
Actually a London four-piece making catchy-as-hell pop noise – delicious stroke!
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2/ ‘Molly’ by PALEHOUND
Irresistible rhythmic cracker from New York singer/songwriter Ellen Kepmner’s band.
Brand new album: ‘Dry Food’ – on Bandcamp
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3/ ‘Monica Louise’ by THE VELVETEINS
Stellar bluesy ramshackle garage cut from fresh thrilling Canadian duo.
New cassette: ‘A Hot Second With The Velveteins‘ here on Bandcamp
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4/ ‘Push Thru The Veil’ by HERBCRAFT
Experimental psychedelic extravaganza out of Portland (US) – Mind-expanding!
Brand new EP ‘Wot Oz’ on Bandcamp
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Mighty magnetic pop groove from steamy London quartet!
New EP: ‘Rough Music’ out September 18th
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6/ ‘Ever You Go’ by PUNX FUTURE
Highly contagious ‘post wave’ ride – amazing debut from Brooklyn gang.
Debut Album: ‘This Is Post Wave’ – out August 28th via Dull Tools
Bandcamp – Facebook – Twitter

7/ ‘No Retreat’ by GORILLA PUNCH RADIO
Striking debut single by heavy noise four-piece out of Leeds (UK)- turbulent stuff!
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See/hear you next week, music junkies…

KILL WEST – Dark Colored Psychedelic Grooves…



Who/home: an obscure, psychedelic collective from Argentina formed in 2012 with members Franco Beceiro (vocals/guitar/songwriter), Joel Menazzi (bass), Martin Valentini (guitar) and brothers Nicolas Miele (drums and his brother Mario (keys) – they describe their music as ‘Deathsurf’ and ‘FogRock’…

Track: ‘NEON CROSS’ – a ‘thousand-burning-guitars’ groove over hazy vocals in the back mumbling these weird, awesome lines “I see Jesus in a Neon Cross / Living for Another Day / Like a Time-Bom Ticking on a Plane / For the Sake of Killing Time’ – you get tons of dark sounding reverb and feedback – think early The Jesus and Mary Chain jamming with Black Rebel Motorcycle club… in hell – ‘Neon Cross’ is on their excellent, recently released, debut album ‘Smoke Beach’ (Bandcamp link below)

KILL WEST: Facebook – Ongakubaka Records

Storm is in the air…

Here’s the 8-track debut album ‘Smoke Beach’ in full…
Highlights: ‘Out To The Stars’ / ‘Neon Cross’ / the epic killer ‘Signs’ / ‘Smoke Beach’…

LOW ! ‘Lies’ – New Breathtaking Grandeur…

20 August, 2015…

TrackOFday-800 - kopie

LOW just released a third track, titled ‘Lies’, from their forthcoming new album ‘Ones and Sixes’. It’s another breathtaking work of healing melancholy carried by the enchanting voices of Alan Sparkhawk and Mimi Parke, delectable beauty in duet as well as individually. A grand ballad of epic grandeur that makes you sit down and just listen…

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TALL POPPIES ! Harmonic Retro Pop Glamour…

Black - kopie

Who/home: Alternative four piece based in East London fronted by Australian twin songstresses Susan (bass) and Catherine (guitar) and backed by Diarmuid (violin) and Doug (drums) – they ‘ve already released two albums ‘Thursday’ and ‘All You Have’ (see link below)….
Track: ‘HEART PALPITATIONS’ – lead single from new EP ‘High Time’, Out August 24TH
it’s yesterday’s pop brilliance performed today with charming warmth, catching harmonies, melancholic melodies and great looks ! …

First two albums – Videos

Yesterday’s pop glamour today…

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BEIRUT ! Bring On The Bongos….

TrackOFday-800 - kopie

Beirut just revealed brand new track ‘Gibraltar’ from new, fourth, album ‘No No No’,
out September 11 !


Frontman Zach Condon said earlier that the new album is inspired by a nervous breakdown he experienced in 2013 when he divorced his former wife, as well as by his current romantic relationship. I guess ‘Gibraltar‘ was written with his new girlfriend in mind: upbeat, sensual, relaxing and lots of bongos ! Summer isn’t over yet….

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Yes yes yes…

STATIC IN VERONA ! Vivid One-Man-Pop-Orchestra from Chicago…

Black - kopie-800

Who/home: SIV is actually the one-man-project of experienced musician Rob Merz, resident of Chicago – after being involved in several musical projects over many years the singer/songwriter/instrumentalist/producer formed a pop orchestra of his own…
Track: ANYONE ANYMORE – from his excellent upcoming, third, album ‘Odd Anthem’ – out August 28 !
Score: ‘Anyone Anymore’ is what ‘Static In Verona’ is all about – breezy, catching indie pop with many electronic layers, richly colored melodies and floating vocals – you’ll discover new vibes with every spin…

Discover also Static In Verona’s first two albums here on Bandcamp


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