HOUNDSTOOTH – Dream Pop And Electrifying Jams From Portland…



Who/home: a vibrant 2 girls/2 boys indie quartet from Portland, Oregon (US)

Works: debut album ‘Ride Out The Dark’ (2013) and this year’s follow-up
LP ‘No News From Home‘ (Spotify-link further on)

Sounds: a seducing mix of melancholic dream pop, a bit of Americana here and there, a touch of electric folk and some firm rockin’ crackers ready-made to inflame their live shows.

European tour: talking about live action – the band played their first ever European gig in my hometown Ghent (Belgium) last night (Sept. 1) – and what a captivating acquaintance it was – this American four-piece is a damn tight unit with a mission – they want to conquer Europe with their versatile yet balanced set of top tracks – from romantic indie pop to electrifying rollickin’ jams – from the beautifully moody voice of Kate Berstein to the rousing licks of guitarist John Gnorski and the impressive rhythm section of bassist Cari Palazollo and bang-up drummer Graeme Gibson – Europe will go down, no doubt about that – Roll On, Houndstooth…

Girls want to have fun…

Daydreaming at night…

Rockin’ and a rollin’…

Discover the conquerors’ new album ‘No News From Home’…

Website – Facebook – Twitter

(concert pics by Turn Up The Volume!)

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