ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN – Dancing Horses In Antwerp…


Echo & The Bunnymen – Rivierenhof, Antwerp – September 2, 2015


Led by original survivors big mouth/big voice Ian McCulloch and guitar wizard Will Sergeant the Bunnymen played Belgium once again. (“The first country we played outside
of Britain back then. Belgium is like a second home to us
” said McCulloch at one point). I lost count of how many times I saw them performing, here and abroad, then and now. I don’t get tired of this imperishable Liverpool gang. I heard their ‘greatest hits’ set (from ‘Killing Moon’ to ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’, from ‘Rescue’ to closer ‘Ocean Rain’) so many times but they produced so many big songs over the years and McCulloch’s voice – still the most impressive instrument of these ‘one of a kind’ gloomy post-punk rockers who influenced hundreds of other groups – keeps grabbing you by the throat, so I keep going back to see/hear them shine on stage. Again I and many other fans sang out loud most of the Bunnymen’s classics and playing Lou Reed’s ‘Walk On The Wild Side’ definitely helped
to get everybody in the crowd getting involved. Some things do last forever…

Sergeant & McCulloch – the beating heart of a legendary band…

“Take A Walk On The Wild Side, Antwerp”…

‘Ocean Rain’ – one of the most captivating ballads ever…

Cast No Shadow…

(All pics: /Turn Up The Volume!)



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