THE FALL — ‘This Nation’s Saving Grace’ – Album is 30…


22 September 2015


Mark E Smith was/is a brilliant visionary, a sharp observer of society’s demons and a mighty impressive & uncompromising music force. He released with a million The Fall line-ups about a million albums (31 actually and that’s an awful lot. Probably more than Elvis and The Rolling Stones… more or less). Several of them are just awesome. Post-punk weirdness and awareness at his very best. Opinionated chaotic ingenuity drenched in chaotic punk drones. John Peel‘s favorite band. The Manchester mastermind’s oeuvre, fed by his toxic recalcitrance and his legendary rages, is no less than remarkable. Hard to make a ‘best of selection’, but some critics did it for us and ‘This Nation’s Saving Grace’ is always high up there. For music site Stereogum this masterpiece stands out with head and shoulders above the rest. It’s definitely one of the Fall’s best, no doubt about that. Released 30 years ago, on September 23, 1985 via Beggars Banquet Records.
It was the band’s eight studio LP. Let’s just listen to these noisy birthday rants &
sneers and experience again why this was a major score (expanded edition)…


The Fall – mid eighties including Mark E’s then wife Brix Smith (real name: Laura Elisse Salenger)

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