ROME IS NOT A TOWN! Spectacular In Belgium…


ROME IS NOT A TOWN – Café Video, Ghent, Belgium – September 28, 2015


BAND: ROME IS NOT A TOWN (guitarist Susanna Brandin – also a member of HUNT – told me that the first name they came up with was ‘Rome’, but after some beers it was decided that Rome is a city, not a town)
WHO: 4 charming ‘indie ‘looking girls from Sweden until they take the stage and their unleashed demons rock your socks off – members: Caroline Kabat (Drums), Susanna Brandin (guitar, vocals), Kajs A Poidnak (main vocals, guitar) and Emma Wättring (bass, vocals)
SOUNDS: muscled noise rock slams delivered with heavy, barbed wire panache – an avalanche of burning riffs, electrifying hooks, towering drums and a times mighty hypnotic jams – on top of it frontgirl A Poidnak’s powerful & passionate voice manages to challenge the gloriously fiery post punk noise level with touching success – and they have plenty of splendid songs on their setlist – about time to experience their force, here’s brand new single ‘Stupid‘…

Rome Is Not A Town Is Not A Pop Band…

This band deserves tons of attention. Here’s some more sharp, captivating, solid rocks to shake body & soul – my most spectacular find in months…

Rome Is Not A Town: Facebook
Label: Startracks Records

(concert pics by JL/Turn Up The Volume!)

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