GIRL BAND ! Louder Than War…

30 September, 2015

TrackOFday-800 - kopie

GIRL BAND are four stunning noisemakers from Dublin, Ireland. Already much praised by the critics after they catapulted a couple of wicked EP’s earlier on and played many astounding gigs. They produce massive distorted post punk drones. Deconstructed steel ‘songs’. Hypnotic thunder. And incredibly exciting too as you wonder all the time when they are going to crash. I saw them performing in my hometown last year without knowing what to expect (they supported FAT WHITE FAMILY). I still remember I didn’t close my mouth during the show. Spectacular louder-than-war havoc and I can’t wait to see them again next month in Brussels.
Just last week they released their debut album ‘Holding Hands With Jamie’.
Concrete thwacks. Monotonous rants. Ear-splitting madness. PERFECT !
‘Pears For Launch’ is one of my favorite out-of-control tracks. It has all the aforementioned ingredients. Test your ears and scare your whole village…


Charlatan Club, Ghent, Belgium – 2014…


Facebook – Bandcamp Twitter

Want more? Here’s debut album ‘Holding Hands With Jamie’


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