THE LA’S – Brilliant Debut Album Is 25…

1 October 2015


One of the best pop albums in the post-The Beatles era was weirdly enough (… or not) released by another Liverpool band called The La’s . Singer/songwriter Lee Mavers formed the group between 1983 & 1986 with bassist John Power, guitarist Paul Hemmings and drummer John Timson.

Lee Mavers – musical genius…

Four years and a couple of singles later popsmith and perfectionist Lee Mavers and new members James Joyce (bas), Peter ‘Cammy’ James Camell (guitar) and Lee’s brother Neil on drums produced (with wizard Steve Lillywhite) and released their first and last album. Twelve timeless melodies. Twelve 60s inspired, sparkling gems. Crystal clear harmonies. Acoustic driven ‘feel good’ pearls. A shining pop masterpiece. The LP was released 25 years ago – October 1, 1990. Because of drugs and stubborn ego’s The La’s would never record again. I guess Lee Mavers also knew that he couldn’t match this crown jewel. Music, maestro, please…

TheLa's Drums

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