FERAL FIVE Remixes DEUX FURIEUSES Into A Banging Bass Blast…


deux furieuses are London duo Ros (guitar & vocals) and Vas (drums). Two socially engaged and politically outspoken artists who soundtrack their views on society with
loud wake-up calls and passionate post-punk energy and released three captivating
singles so far.

Two Angry Ones…

Their stunning 2014 debut single ‘Can We Talk About This?’ is remixed now by
electro-disco-punk-pair and friends Feral Five also based in Great England’s capital.

Electro punk saints…

The result is titanic. Nasty banging bass drones and a steamy sensual swagger to shake your hips too. Rousing electro dynamite. It reminds me of the best days of Leftfield. The single will be released on 30th October. You can pre-order via iTunes. Now turn up the volume, throw your furniture through the window to create some room and make your moves…

deux furieuses – website
Feral Five – Facebook

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