IDLEWILD ! New Single ‘Utopia’ – Magical Beauty…

22 October 2015…

TrackOFday-800 - kopie

Scottish indie rockers Idlewild will release a new single ‘Utopia! on November 27th via Empty Words. It’s a captivating, beautiful piano led ballad taken from the band’s latest album ‘Everything Ever Written‘ – enjoy the magic pearl here…

Everyone wants to ride that cool motor…

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Here’s the album in full…


CRYBABY SPECIAL ! Indispensable At Parties…


Who/home : ska influenced punks from Medway, Kent, UK – Jason Stafford (guitar/vocals), Lewis Ashley (drums), Steve Cunningham (bass), Richard Wood (piano/organ) and Andy ‘Blue note’ Wise (saxophone)
Score: irresistible ramshackle cracker that swings you from left to right and back – highly danceable stuff – bring on the new album !…


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THE STRYPES – Great Victory in Brussels…


THE STRYPES – AB Venue, Brussels – October 21, 2015


New album, new look, new sound
They came, saw and rocked the place
Solid, swirling party !…

Here’s new LP ‘Little Victories’

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(Pics by JL / TurnUpTheVolume!)

WOLF ALICE ! Storming TV Performance…

21 October 2015…

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Best British guitar pop band in ages WOLF ALICE performed ‘You’re A Germ’, one of the highlights of their debut album ‘My Love is Cool‘, live last night on BBC’s ‘Later… With Jools Holland’ show. Rousing. Swirling. Explosive. Brilliant. I’m ready to see them live
twice next month…

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Latitude 15
Ellie Rowsell is a natural born star… (pic: Sam Neill)

GIRL BAND ! Uproarious Excorcism in Brussels…


GIRL BAND – Botanique, Brussels – October 21, 2015

Coming on stage GIRL BAND looks like four shy bedroom musicians who were just thrown out of the house by their parents because of the tumultuous racket they produced all day and night. They look actually just the same as a year ago when they played my hometown Ghent as support act to those anarchists of Fat White Family. Except for possessed frontman Dara Kiely who threatens to collapse any minute there is no muscle or nerve that moves on the faces of drummer Adam Faulkner, guitarist Alan Duggan and bassist Daniel Fox. Not last year, not tonight.


Yet the music is nasty, discordant, viciously quiet/loud, brutal and at times scary. From the very first deranged chords on the exorcism ceremony begins. Metallic beats and Kiely‘s nervous howling enter your mind and soul looking for demons to destroy. They drag you mercilessly into their apocalyptic world. GIRL BAND do not care at all about the classic structure of a song as we know it. Choruses are not on their menu. They create hypnotic drones that electrify your defenseless body. They create hyperkinetic headbutts to sort of dance and jump to with the nearly seven minute long ‘Paul’ as the titanic centerpiece sledgehammer. Perfect !


And as you already guessed the looks on the Irish band’s faces, except for Kiely, are unvarying. Weird and charming at the same time. Their debut album ‘Holding Hands With Jamie’ burns in my head for some weeks now and will be high on my end-of-the-year-list. If that record would have been the soundtrack of that seventies classic horror movie
‘The Exorcist’ creepy lead star Linda Blair definitely had wet her pants. Capture the mental spirit here…


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SHINERS – Burning Glam Groove Protest…



Who/home: Fresh thrilling four-piece from London

Track: PRESSURE – brand new single

Score: a smoking and electrifying glam groove to dance to followed by an explosive chorus to shout along while lyrically the band criticises, justly, society’s pressure on youngsters these days in order to score and be succesful – bang-up cut !…

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Pressure or not, Shiners are here to stay !…

7 Big Album Tracks ! 2015 – Week 43…


Seven rad tracks from recent released albums to fuel body and soul this week !…

1/ ‘Some Things’ by THE ENEMY
New album, new look, new colossal sound !…
Album: It’s Automatic
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2/ ‘Snakeskin’ by DEERHUNTER
This was the first single from the new much praised album – put on your dancing shoes…
Album: Fading Frontier
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3/ ‘Guess How I Know’ by JOHN GRANT
Still fighting his demons – I put my money on Grant….
Album: Grey Tickels, Black Pressure
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4/ ‘I Forgive You’ by PROTOMARTYR
Highly addictive motorik beats served by the Detroit post punks…
Album: The Agent Intellect
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5/ ‘Getting Ready To Get Down’ by JOSH RITTER
Americana master on a roll…
Album: Sermon On The Rocks
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6/ ‘Nothing Will Be Bigger Than Us’ by HURTS
They’re definitely right – they’re big pop experts…
Album: Surrender
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7/ ‘All Your Yeahs’ by BEACH HOUSE
Sparkling dream beauty from second album in one year…
Album: Thank Your Lucky Stars
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PUBLIC IMAGE LTD. Preaches Bass Religion in Belgium…


PUBLIC IMAGE LTD. – Antwerp (Trix Venue), Belgium – October 18, 2015


Up there, in the middle of the stage behind his rostrum like stand to install his lyrics bible on, John Lydon looks and acts like an out-of-control and adrenalin drugged preacher on a rowdy mission. During ‘Religion‘, after a most scary imitation of that haywire German mass murder dictator the Rotten priest demands ‘Turn Up The Bass’, again and again
and again.


Of course, he gets what he wants and our ears came under heavy attack. This is PiL since the 2009 reunion. A post-punk religion of irresistible bass grooves you can dance too with Lydon as chieftain propagandist and his excellent band as high qualified musical apostles (metallic guitar wizard Lu Edmonds introduced by Lydon as ‘Jesus‘, bass warrior Scott Firth introduced as ‘Satan’ and explosive drummer Bruce Smith as… ‘Bruce’). A funky machine that rolls over you without mercy. A brutal force that never wavers. A giant metal box. Via his ravaged larynx the anarchist at heart produces all noises except the singing one. He howls, barks, screams, growls and at times twitters as Donald Duck on speed. Spectacular!


Combined with the intoxicating beats, loud dub waves, the nasty big bang bass and the indispensable big tunes (from the smoking new ‘What The World Needs Now…‘ album tracks ‘Double Trouble‘, ‘Know Now‘ and ‘The One‘ to hits such as ‘This Is Not A Love Song’, ‘Public Image’ and ‘Rise’) Public Image Ltd. still earns its place today (if they were all still 20 and just starting off, the press would embrace them as the next big experimental thing) and most of all, these manic street preachers are a great night out. We know all of Lydon‘s tricks, body language, cinema qualities, and his beloved enemies for some time but I
guess all present PiL fans need an injection of his bass religion now and then to canalize their angry energy together with the expert himself. And the imperishable punk pontiff loved it (he was obviously touched at the end of the concert by the overwhelming cheers of the crowd) as much as we did. Amen.

(All pics: Turn Up The Volume!)

SETLIST¬†reproduced on Spotify…

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COURTNEY BARNETT ! When The Girl Sings The Blues…

TrackOFday-800 - kopie

Here’s a new and awesome part of Jack White produced ‘Blue Series of Singles’. This time it’s the magical Courtney Barnett delivering the goods with a 7″ single containing two captivating songs ‘Boxing Day Blues’ and ‘Shivers’ (a cover version of a Roland S. Howard penned beauty when he was in the band called ‘The Boys Next Door’ with Nick Cave). All details here. Enjoy here both Tracks Of The Day

‘Boxing Day Blues (audio clip)

‘Shivers’ (Soundcloud)

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COLOR PALETTE – Revelation Out Of Washington DC Hits With ‘BULLLETS’…



Who/home: Fresh post punk rockers from
Amercia’s capital Washington DC

Track: BULLETS – brand new single

Score: Intensity and passion are the keywords for this captivating electro guitar melancholy – this inspiring four-piece produces more than just a song, it’s a big
vocal heart pounding over wailing guitars, solid drum beats and ongoing synth
waves. Impressive shot!

Tune in here….

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Woozy bullet effects