SEVEN IN THE MIX! 2015 – Weekend 7/8 November…


Seven steamy tracks to soundtrack a 48-hour party this weekend

1/ ‘Dream On, Baby Blue’ by CHORUSGIRL
Singer/guitarist Silvi Wersing leads her band with passionate energy – charged pop thrills !
Record: Self-titled album out on November 13 via Fortuna Pop !
Base: London, UK
Website – Facebook – Twitter

2/ ‘Brohemoth’ by HEMMIT
Smoking hot duo Adam Rohosy and Keith Fleming kick ass – fiery stroke !…
Album: ‘Straight Outta Here’ out now on iTunes
Home: Portland, Oregon, US
Website – Facebook – Twitter

3/ ‘Must Go Wrong’ by HELTA SKELTA
Barbed wired garage punk – makes you wanna kick your neighbour’s front door in…
Album: ‘Beyond The Black Stump’ out via Deranged Records
Home: Perth, Australia
Facebook – Twitter

Intense indie rock cut with razor-sharp guitars all over the place – boss !…
Work: 4-track ‘Blue’ EP – listen on Bandcamp
Home: Toronto, Canada
Website – Facebook – Twitter

5/ ‘Betty’ by POM POMS
New duo with Marlene Gold on vocals – going retro in style and with seducing glamour !…
Home: Los Angeles, California, US
Facebook – Twitter

6/ ‘Labour Of Love’ by FILTER DISTORTION
Beautifully shaped pearl with electronic echoes – melancholic pop at his best…
Album: ‘Transition’ – here on iTunes
Home: Liverpool, UK
Website – Facebook – Twitter

7/ ‘Get Conceptual’ by GUIDES
Feverish post punk delirium with burning guitars and hazy vocals – fascinating !…
Work: 5 track ‘Abstracted Mind’ EP – on iTunes
Home: Los Angeles, California, US
Facebook – Twitter


See/hear you next week, music junkies…

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