BABYSHAMBLES – ‘Down In Albion’ Album Turns 10…



When The Libertines split up in 2004, mostly due to Peter Doherty‘s intolerable
drugs behaviour, his new band Babyshambles was already waiting in the wings.
You can’t stop a brilliant and obsessive singer/songwriter making music even when
he’s high 24/7. Naturally you will get lots of songs inspired by his devastating junkie life. Yet I still wonder who really decided to make that Babyshambles debut album in times that the ex-Libertine was on his way to inject himself into a never-ending coma and that
he had more appointments with the law than diners with ‘let’s-have-a-romantic-sniff-a-line-relation’ girlfriend Kate Moss.

Seems like his whole entourage was blind or only worried about making money before Doherty collapsed totally. Anyway, the new gang (with Patrick Walden on guitar, Drew McConnell on bass and Gemma Clarke on drums) started to work in the studio too
soon with producer Mick Jones (The Clash) in the pub/kitchen instead of supervising
the recordings.

The result was just poor in execution, in performance and in sound. Yes,
there were several good tunes and some embryos of great songs (‘La Belle
et La Bête / A’rebours / Pipedown / Fuck Forever / Killamangiro / Loyalty
) but I guess in the end everybody was just too bored, too stoned or didn’t
care enough to turn them into (rough) diamonds and so ‘Down in Albion‘ saw
the day of light on November 14, 2005. Ten years ago. But, hey, let’s not moan
too much because, fortunately, Peter Doherty survived and Babyshambles would
create some great stuff afterwards. Let’s forgive them and fuck forever…

Album in full…

Babyshambles: Website

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