SEVEN IN THE MIX – Weekend 14/15 November…


Seven top-notch crackers to embrace this weekend…

1/ ‘The Big Heist’ by LOIS
Glorious jingle jangle beats, burning guitars & passionate vocals – addictive retro whack!.
Album: ‘The Polperro Horse Bus Company’ – listen on Bandcamp
Home: Nottingham, UK
Facebook – Twitter

2/ ’19th Nervous Breakdown’ by HEMMIT
Portland rockers deliver a smashing cover of underrated Stones track on their new LP!
Album: ‘Straight Outta Nowhere’ – on iTunes
Home: Portland, Oregon

3/ ‘Just Mine’ by COLORWORKS
Vivid harmonies on top of psychedelic guitar pop brilliance – delectable cut!
Work: 5-track ‘Joyla Red’ EP – listen on Bandcamp
Home: Seattle, Washington
Facebook – Twitter

4/ ‘While Running From The Gods’ by WHITE BEAR
An epic gloomy journey that takes you somewhere else – slow-burn beauty!
Work: 3-track EP ‘The Promise of a Life of Violence’ – listen on Bandcamp
Home: Dundee, Scotland
Facebook – Twitter

5/ ‘The Mirror’ by CHAIKA
Overwhelming, thunderous psych-tinged rock volcano – monumental sound!
Home: Leeds, UK
Facebook – Twitter

6/ ‘Daniel’ by BATUK
Find of the week: a fresh harmonic collective producing inflammable afro grooves! 
Home: Johannesburg, South Africa
Facebook – Twitter

7/ ‘Ringing In My Ears’ by CRUSTY
Shiny dream pop trip spiced with seducing duet vocals – sensual vibes!
Album: ‘Something I Can’t Control’ – listen on Bandcamp
Home: Ventura, California
Facebook – Twitter


See/hear you next week, music junkies

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