ECHO AND THE BUNNYMEN – King-Sized Compilation To Learn And Sing Is 30



30 years ago today, 15 November 1985, Liverpool gang Echo & The Bunnymen released a greatest hits compilation titled ‘Songs to Learn & Sing’. Eleven classics from a classic band. Probably the best British post punk band ever and one of my favorite bands (saw them playing live about 30 times). A group of brilliant musicians who delivered several timeless albums with many towering pearls. From Rescue (‘Crocodiles’ album – 1980) to
A Promise
(‘Heaven Up Here’ album – 1981), from The Cutter (‘Porcupine’ album ) to
The Killing Moon (‘Ocean Rain’ album – 1984) and the single especially written for this compilation Bring On The Dancing Horses.

On request of frontman/songwriter/bigmouth Ian McCulloch let’s roll again the ‘The Killing Moon‘ video. A most captivating diamond he’s (deservedly) incredibly proud of…

ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN: Website – Facebook 

Here’s the 11-Songs All Star Team…

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