DAVID BOWIE! Fascinating And Weird Title Track Of New Album Revealed – Here’s ‘BLACKSTAR’…


The brand new video for David Bowie’s new single “★”, the title track of the forthcoming new album, premiered at a screening in Brooklyn, New York yesterday and is now online for the world to see. The almost 10 minutes clip was directed by Johan Renck (who also directed the UK show The Last Panthers, which uses the track as its theme song). Fascinating , weird and gloomy. Bowie still  explores and surprises…

Earlier on also a short clip was released which reveals the artwork for the new
LP coming on 8 January 2016 (Bowie’s 69th birthday). Have a look below…


  1. ahigherrevelation · November 23, 2015

    Still not sure I actually like this track…but there’s no doubting that it’s intriguing, disturbing, enthralling, progressive, creepy, imposing, prominent….the list goes on…


    • JL · November 23, 2015

      Yes, vintage Bowie but not exactly a tune to whistle in the morning or singing in the shower…


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