In 2008 The Pogues released a 5-CD compilation titled… hold your breath… ‘Just Look Them Straight In The Eye And Say… Poguemahone!! – The Pogues Box Set’.

109 tracks from 1983 demos (pre-dating their first recordings for Stiff Records) through
to live recordings (from 2001 when they played for the first time since they disbanded in 1996), rarities, outtakes and covers. Here’s the (very) long tracklist and you can explore a revealing track by track guide by late Pogues’ guitarist and songwriter Phil Chevron here.


One of the most captivating covers on this box is Rod Stewart’s worldwide hit ‘Maggie May’ which appeared on his ‘Every Picture Tells a Story‘ album in 1971. Let’s have
some fun and listen to both versions…


ROD STEWART with JOHN PEEL on mandolin…

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