ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN – Live in London – 1983…


One of my all time favorite bands. The ‘new wave’ Liverpool gang started their legendary, still ongoing, journey by the end of the seventies with big mouth Ian McCulloch leading the troops, the late (motor accident in 1989) gloriously hammering Pete de Freitas on drums, musical maestro Will Sergeant on guitar and Les Pattinson, the quite one, on bass (left the band in 1999). They released their fabulous debut LP ‘Crocodiles’ in 1980.


Several outstanding albums (‘Heaven Up Here’, ‘Ocean Rain’, ‘Porcupine’, ‘What Are You Going To Do With Your Life’…) and rousing singles followed. The Bunnymen were/are also one of the most electrifying bands I ever witnessed on stage. I saw them shine countless times (most recently in Antwerp, last September) and they never disappointed, besides those couple of times that Ian was in higher spheres and thought he was a spoken word artist, talking a lot of bollocks, instead of a genial vocalist/frontman. Here are two of their endless list of towering crackers performed when they were young wolves. Live in London, 1983.

“Is this the blues I’m singing”…

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