CIRCA WAVES – Charity single for WAR CHILD …

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18 December 2015


Liverpool power pop guitar band Circa Waves are releasing charity single ‘Something Like You’ – a magnificent song originally written by Michael Head and The Strands in 1997 – with all proceeds going to War Child UK, the child protection charity working in conflict-ravaged countries including Afghanistan, the Central African Republic, and in response to the Syria crisis. The band’s frontman Kieran Shudall: ‘I feel ashamed of
our country for bombing Syria’…


WAR CHILD UK – Website and all details to donate.

KATY ALEX ! Enchanting Voice to Embrace…

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Who/home: a 20-year-old, highly promising singer-songwriter blessed with a golden vox and a skilled musician playing percussion instruments, keyboard and guitar…
Track: LIGHT – brand new single…
Score: Alex’s richly colored, distinctive and touching voice turns a soft, sweet ballad with
a towering chorus into a captivating beauty that you want to hear over and over again –
I found my own, special Adele…

2016 will be Katy Alex’s year…

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Paul Gustave Simonon was born 15 December 1955 in South London, UK. He met Mick Jones in 1976 and six months later The Clash – ‘the only band that matters’ – was formed when Joe Strummer joined and the rest is… great history. To celebrate one of the coolest and greatest bass guitar players of his generation here’s ‘Guns Of Brixton’, an outstanding and memorable track on double album London Calling (1979). One of the few songs written and sung by Simonon. Happy birthday !…

When they kick at your front door
How you gonna come?
With your hands on your head
Or on the trigger of your gun

When the law break in
How you gonna go?
Shot down on the pavement
Or waiting on death row

You can crush us
You can bruise us
But you’ll have to answer to
Oh, the guns of Brixton

The money feels good
And your life you like it well
But surely your time will come
As in heaven, as in hell

You see, he feels like Ivan
Born under the Brixton sun
His game is called survivin’
At the end of the harder they come

You know it means no mercy
They caught him with a gun
No need for the Black Maria
Goodbye to the Brixton sun

You can crush us
You can bruise us
Yes, even shoot us
But oh-the guns of Brixton

When they kick at your front door
How you gonna come?
With your hands on your head
Or on the trigger of your gun

You can crush us
You can bruise us
Yes, even shoot us
But oh-the guns of Brixton

Shot down on the pavement
Waiting in death row
His game is called survivin’
As in heaven as in hell

You can crush us
You can bruise us
But you’ll have to answer to
Oh, the guns of Brixton


Paul Simonon in 1990 “You don’t get paid for designing posters or doing the clothes, you get paid for doing the songs…”


This is the Fender P-Bass used by Paul Simonon to get smashed on a stage. This is the same bass that was on the ‘London Calling’ cover. Awesome !


7 BIG NEW ALBUM TRACKS ! 2015 – Week 51…


Seven towering tracks from new released albums and
compilations to inflame every single day of the week…

1/ ‘Evangeline’ by CASS McCOMBS
The Californian singer-songwriter just released a compilation album
with B-sides, rarities and catching gems like ‘Evangeline’
Album: ‘A Folk Set Apart’ – on iTunes
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2/ ‘boom boom’ by JENNYLEE
Warpaint’s bass player Jenny Lee Lindberg shines on her first solo album –
‘boom boom’ is a basstastic adventure – rad vibe…
Album: ‘Right On!’ – on iTunes
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3/ ‘Man In the Night’ by KID CUDI
Scott Ramon Mescudi aka Kid Cudi surprises with nasty rock cuts on new LP –
this smoking track has an unexpected Beavis and Butt-head finale – Hell Yeah !
Album: ‘Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven’ – on iTunes
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4/ ‘I Turn My Camera On’ by SPOON
The Texan’s excellent fifth album turned 10 this year –
time for a rousing deluxe anniversary edition…
Album: ‘Gimme Fiction’ – on iTunes
Website – Facebook – Twitter

5/ ‘But In the Movie Baby’ by BAND OF GOLD
From Oslo, Norway. Multi-instrumentalist Nina Elisabeth Mortvedt and musician/producer Nikolai Hængsle Eilertsen with a swirling self-titled electro pop album…
Album: ‘Band Of Gold’ – on Jansen Plateproduksjon

6/ ‘Wild Colours’ by FLYING HORSEMAN
Belgian singer-songwriter Bert Dockx & his band generate richly painted post-folk with soul piercing pearls on their new, multilayered, fourth longplayer…
Album: ‘Night Is Long’ – on iTunes
12inch_6mm_v92012.inddFacebook – Twitter

7/ ‘Welcome To The New Dark Ages’ by ROCKET FROM THE TOMBS
The legendary Cleveland proto-punks return to kick some ass
with their (only) second official studio recording !…
Album: ‘Black Record’ – on Bandcamp
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SCARLET ECHO With Passionate & Powered Guitar Pop Gem ‘EMERGENCY EXIT’…



Who/home: swirling 2 girls/2 boys foursome from Essex, UK

Members: Hannah Stanbury (vocals, guitars), Jamie Burroughs (guitars), Miles Hobbs (bass) and Save Alex (drums/samples)

Track: EMERGENCY EXIT – new single from their excellent, versatile and outspoken debut album ‘An Exact Portrayal Of Nothing In Particular’ – on iTunes

Score: after a sparkling guitar/bass intro this charged cracker explodes soon into a highly danceable, muscled guitar pop groove with intensely passionate vocals on top and an electrifying finale with an exclamation mark. Victorious stroke…

SCARLET ECHO: Website – Facebook – Twitter

All dressed up and ready to go…


PATTI SMITH Released Superb Debut Longplayer ‘HORSES’ 40 Years Ago…


13 December 2015…


Peerless punk rock poet Patricia Lee ‘Patti’ Smith released her spectacular debut album ‘Horses’, produced by John Cale on 13 December 1975, 40 years ago. ‘Horses’ is about fully charged passion, endless energy, French Symbolism, barbed wired in-your-face vocals and crystal clear lyrics. From the reggae feel on ‘Redondo Beach’ to the rousing swagger of the mighty ‘Land’.

From the ecstatic and exuberant ‘Gloria’ chorus to the intense beauty of ‘Break It Up’ and
the piercing emotions of the 9.14 minute ‘Birdland‘ A most fascinating magnus opus from start to finish. In her own words: “The sound of a post-Beat poet dancing around to the simple rock and roll song.” At the time the LP was on many levels a shock to the conservative and dictatorial music business.


Today ‘Horses’ still sounds impressively fresh and sharp, robust and fearless. A timeless, towering achievement. And Smith‘s outspoken voice, the most impressive instrument in her brilliant career, is simply incomparable ! Hail hail Patti.

Here’s the classic in full (original tracklist: #1 – #8
‘My Generation’ was later added on the CD version)…

Belgium 2014… (photo: TurnUpTheVolume) .

SEVEN IN THE MIX! Weekend 12/13 December…


Seven resounding tracks to play very loud and on repeat this weekend !…

1/ ‘Circle Jerk’ by MOVIENITE
Charged, hazy shoegaze waves will penetrate your mind slowly –
and the electrifying finale will drive you rapt.
Home: Gothenburg, Sweden
Facebook – Twitter

2/ ‘Plastic Ocean’ by SUGARMEN
Euphoric power pop spiced with funky guitar licks – highly addictive.
Home: Liverpool, UK
Facebook – Twitter

3/ ‘Give It Away’ by BLØSH
Sparkling pop duo generating heartwarming vibes to embrace in these cold days.
Origin: Madrid, Spain / Oslo, Norway
Facebook – Twitter

4/ ‘Languid Tarmac’ by WARM BRAINS
Rory Attwell’s vehicle Warm Brains produces a richly layered pop punk swagger.
Album: ‘Big Wow’ – on iTunes
Home: London
Facebook – Twitter

5/ ‘Dreamer To The Dawn’ by PLEASURE BEACH
An ecstatic pop explosion colored with vibrant harmonies – sky-high anthem.
Home: Belfast, Ireland
Facebook – Twitter

6/ ‘Tiny Insight’ by THE GOOCH PALMS
DIY punk pair hammer and thunder their way straight to your weekend punk party.
Origin: Newcastle AU / Los Angeles US
Facebook – Twitter

7/ ’13 Steps’ by DONNIE KALASH
Self declared modern hippie is after your soul with
some fascinating weirdness – explore!
Bandcamp – Tumblr – Twitter


See/hear you next week, music junkies…

THE CLASH ! ‘Sandinista!’ – Triple Album Turns 35…


12 December 2015


35 years ago this day THE CLASH released triple album SANDINISTA! . A never-ending vibrant melting pot of punk reggae, rock, pop, dub, gospel and R&B. A variety of sonic adventures.

I think The Last Gang In Town found a free studio somewhere back then and played 24/7 for weeks having endless fun and the desire to produce a juxebox album with all sorts of musical vibes on it. In the process they forgot to really shape and finish several songs. But in the end you can compile one great single album out of the three records, which I did some time ago and reconstructed here on Spotify…

Last gang in town…

NOEL GALLAGHER ! ‘The Girl With X-Ray Eyes’ – Intense Demo Version…

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Noel Gallagher and his High Flying Birds release new single ‘The Dying Of The Light
on Friday, December 11. A track from his highly praised, second, solo album ‘Chasing Yesterday‘.


The B-side is also a song from that album. A captivating demo version of ‘The Girl With X-Ray Eyes‘. Proof, once again, that The Chief is a great songwriter with an appealing voice. Here’s the audio video…

NG: Website – Facebook – Twitter

Brussels, last March…