THE STROKES – ‘First Impressions Of Earth’ is 10…


2 January 2016


On 3 January 2006 – 10 years ago – The Strokes released their third album titled ‘First Impressions Of Earth’. One of their best – also underrated – achievements to my ears.
A body of versatile rock songwriting and several top tracks (You Only Live Twice / Juicebox / Heart In A Cage / Vision Of Division / Ask Me Anything / Fear Of Sleep / Red Light) with ‘Fear Of Sleep’ as my favorite outstanding highlight. The energy, the drive and the utterly passionate Julian Casablancas vocals turn this song into a 100% classic stroke! Nothing less than awesome…

And another big winner – ‘Juicebox’ – smoking first single of the birthday album back then…

Shake that New Year Day’s hangover into oblivion !
Here’s the LP in full – Time to move up & down…

THE STROKES: Website – Facebook – Twitter

Touched by New York City impressions…

(photo: Getty / Strokes)

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