EYEMOUTH – Biblical Final 2015 Chapter With EP ‘THE FLOOD’…



Who/home: curiously wayward and especially exciting 4-piece from Sweden – experimental in sound, spectacular in vocals and mysterious in lyrics…

New 5-track EP: THE FLOOD – released on the last day of 2015 – last EP in
a row of four after Black and Blue Latitudes / Non Compos Mentis / Noera Genesis...


Score: this final 2015 chapter of the goth & spirituality inspired Swedish sonic outlaws
is as intriguing as their previous journeys. After the first listening sessions I experience
the new songs as belonging to frontman/songwriter Marcus Lilja‘s peculiar voice more
than ever. A voice still searching for answers, a voice that will never rest before the soul
is purified. Overall the sound is less colossal, more serene and subdued than before. Yet still bombastic at times – ‘I Am Never’– but also soulfully melancholic –‘Away’– with heart-whole choir harmonies, even romantically touching –‘To Go’– with appealing harmonies & backing vocals again. It feels like Lilja still isn’t liberated from his demons and his eternal doubts – ‘Pendulum’ – but he’s hopeful and will continue his biblical quest. As with their three previous EP’s also this one needs several spins to fully absorb the deepest essence, so I will ignore all those fake New Year’s parties to come (don’t like them anyway) and I’ll hide in the dark instead to explore The Flood intensely . Join me in my cosy, quadraphonic treehouse…

EYEMOUTH: Facebook – Twitter


My interview with the band for music blog 50thirdand3rd

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