DAVID BOWIE – ★ Album Out Today On The Legend’s 69th Birthday…


8 january 2016


Today is David Bowie‘s 69th birthday. And also today new album ★
(spelled ‘Blackstar‘) is out. Two reasons to celebrate the incomparable
artist that Bowie is. Then and now. Anytime. The new LP confirms, with
a big exclamation mark, what we already knew 3 years ago with powerful
opus ‘The Next Day’: the man still delivers high quality music. Still highly
relevant. Still highly entertaining.


At 69 he’s still searching & working in his secret creative world.
He doesn’t sound new, he doesn’t sound old. HE SOUNDS BOWIE.
A genre of its own. Intriguing, touching, jazzy, saxy, captivating,
enthralling, piercing, peculiar. Unmistakable first class, inventive
songwriting and a most striking vocal performance. Let’s not spoil
the fun with useless analysing. He’s untouchable. Here’s another
five stars achievement…

DAVID BOWIE: Website – Facebook – Twitter

Happy B.

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