THE MAGNIFICENT 7 – Big New Album Tracks! 2016 – Week 2…


(Note from TurnUpTheVolume: this feature was already written and finished yesterday, Sunday 10 January. Before the terrible news of David Bowie’s dead who’s part of this Magnificent 7 with his new album. I decided to change nothing on what was written and to publish it exactly the way I composed it. R.I.P. David Jones)


Seven elevated tracks from recently released
albums (and an EP here & there) to start 2016
as we ended 2015: with the volume turned up!…

1/ ‘Castigadas En El Granero’ by HINDS
Powered garage pop cut from the Spanish Fury’s debut LP – can’t wait to see them live…
Album: ‘Leave Me Alone’ – on iTunes
Home: Spain, Europe
HINDS: Website – Tour Dates – Twitter

2/ Polterguy by SUNGHOSTS
Most energizing riffage fireworks that will catapult you towards the sun – flammable !…
EP: ‘Parhelion’ – on Bandcamp
Home: Miami, Florida
SUNGHOSTS: Facebook – Twitter

3/ ‘Cry Baby’ by CAGE THE ELEPHANT
Less punky than before but this swirling psychedelic cracker will break into your head
via your ears and stay there 4ever – pretty indeed !…
Album: ‘Tell Me I’m Pretty’ – iTunes
Home: Kentucky, US
CTE – Website – Facebook – Twitter

4/ ‘Radio On’ by MECHANICAL
‘Synthpunk, pills & drone ‘n’ roll’ says the band – I can’t agree more – start the party NOW!
Album: ‘Delta Pi Delta’ – on Bandcamp
Home: Athens, Greece
MECHANIMAL: Website – Facebook – Twitter

5/ ‘Feeling Better’ by THE MAGIC GANG
Groovy mid-tempo pop pearl to play out loud in the morning while waking up slowly…
EP: ‘The Magic Gang’ EP – on iTunes
Home: Brighton, UK
THE MAGIC GANG: Facebook – Twitter

6/ ‘The Getting There’ by PETE ASTOR
Veteran indie singer songwriter (The Weather Prophets, The Loft, the Wisdom Of Harry…) still delivers stylish goods that you want to embrace after first hearing…
Album: ‘Spilt Milk’ – on iTunes
Home: London, UK
Facebook Twitter

7/ ‘I Cant’ Give Everything Away’ by DAVID BOWIE
Soulfull saxy and melancholically colored closer on the imperishable
master’s new ‘five stars’ album – he’s in a creative world of his own…
Album: ★ – on iTunes
BOWIE – Website- Facebook – Twitter


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