THE SEDAN VAULT – Darkly Tortured Soul Noise…




Who: a family affair of three wayward brothers who “question capitalism / watching the world collapse / cynics and rebels / talking in metaphors / while the 21st century talks sex and money”. They worked with Richard Woodcraft (known from his studio connection with Radiohead and Arctic Monkeys amongst others) on their last album and are notorious for their fierce live escapades…

Home: Leuven, Belgium Members: 3 x Meeuwis

Noise: these ballyhoo addicts are experienced in messing up a feel good tune and turn it into a threatening razorblade that will scare and attract you simultaneously. They invaded my hometown Ghent yesterday with a bang. Frontman and tortured soul Rutger Meeuwis’ primal screams excited by electro waves taking a walk on the dark side and powered with mercilessly hammering drums to punk it all up, made many wondering afterwards what the fuck really happened…


Albums: ‘Mardi Gras of The Sisypha’ (2006) – ‘Vanguard’ (2008) – ‘Minutes To Midnight’ (2014) – all details here

Must hear/watch: THE STREETWALKERS (brill single from ‘Minutes To Midnight’ / brill video shot in London). And GHOSTRIDER (smashing Suicide cover exposing their dazzling live exorcism). Time to challenge your neighbours, turn it up…

THE SEDAN VAULT: Website – Facebook – Twitter

(all pics Turn Up The Volume!)


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