SEVEN IN THE MIX! 2016 – Weekend 16/17 January…


Seven indispensable tracks that will turn your
weekend into a memorable 24/7 razzle-dazzle….

1/ ‘Beta Male’ by ULRIKA SPACEK
Black colored fuzz rock monster creeping in your head, slowly but surely – killer!…
Album: ‘The Album Paranoia’ – out 5th February via Tough Love Records / Rough Trade
Home: London, UK
Facebook – Twitter

2/ ‘Job Done’ by EXMAGICIAN
Fully charged psych pop cruise – irresistible drive & sticky harmonies – delectable trip!…
Album: ‘Scan The Blue’ – out 25th March via Bella Union
Home: Belfast, Ireland
Facebook – Twitter

3/ ‘All My Girls’ by DADDY ISSUES
Sparkling garage pop cut spiced deliciously with surfing harmonies – get happy!!…
Album: ‘Fuck Mary Kill’ – on Bandcamp
Home: Greensboro, North Carolina, US
Facebook – Twitter

4/ ‘Nausea’ by BUZZ KULL
Dark 80s electro beats – perfect for some freaky midnight dancing – invite your demons…
Home: Sydney, Australia
Facebook – Twitter

5/ ‘Studville’ by TEMPURA NIGHTS
A 1.32 minute adrenaline fueled jingle jangle pop sprint – speedy gonzales kick !…
Record: ‘Whine’ EP – on Bandcamp
Home: Brisbane, Australia
Facebook – Twitter

6/ ‘The Desert Song’ by BIRD DOG
Five Californian folk banditos generating magic pop harmonies – on their way to the top…
Record: ‘Misty Shrub’ EP – out 22nd January – pre-order via iTunes
Home: Los Angeles, California, US
Website – Facebook – Twitter

7/ ‘Leicester Holiday’ by BAT-BIKE
Nasty slow-moving snake on its way to your throat – capricious noise escapism – lovely !…
Album: ‘Getting Back’ – out via Trashmouth Records / on Bandcamp here
Home: Scotland/South East London, UK


See/hear you next week, msuic junkies…

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