Spotted In Belgium… HEY COLOSSUS!


HEY COLOOSSUS – Charlatan, Ghent, Belgium – 14 January 2016


These six-piece strong British underground noisemakers who are testing people’s ears
for some time now hit my hometown last week and left us all with a memorable exorcistic hangover afterwards. Last August the band released their second album RADIO STATIC HIGH in only 7 months after sharing IN BLACK AND GOLD with the world earlier on. Their ninth LP in 12 years. Take notes, bloody Radioheads of this world, you lazy rich bastards. Now, first something you really should now about frontman Paul Sykes.

Good boy, bad boy…

He’s dressed like a modern middle class employee. Nice black shirt & matching trousers. An average young married father of three with a clean haircut sipping politely – from the glass! – wine during the whole set. Beware. The tall man’s looks and behaviour are only a clever camouflage to avoid being arrested by the merciless Secret Demons Haunting Police at midnight when he goes out for another walk to howl like a hurt wolf somewhere in a scary slum, between the dustbins and the garbage. He also wants his wife to believe he’s at an overseas management congress with his boss when he actually is barking madly in a venue in Belgium while his friends generate nasty knockout riffs and turning them into heavy, restless drones…

Feel the noise…

Because that’s what HEY COLOSSUS is all about. A dark-colored psycho roller coaster producing mind bending sonic havoc with a freaky frontman in disguise. Slow. Fast. Spectators move like nasty snakes raising slowly out of their basket. Fast. Loud. Now, spectators are headbanging, without leaving their spot, themselves in a deep trance.
Physical experience. Psychic surrender.


You want a reference? Michael Gira’s SWANS, the brilliant New York City post punk legends. Yes, that good! You want proof? Lose yourself in this HEY COLOSSUS live momentum in Liverpool and you will sell your mother-in-law’s honest soul to the highest bidding devil so you can buy their whole discography and afford a trip to their next escapade wherever that might be. Roll in an be doomed…


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(All concert photos by Turn Up The Volume!)

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