TIGERCUB – Grunge Shit Slam From Brighton…


21 January 2016



Who/home: Louder-is-more three-piece from Brighton, the legendary city of the spectacular 60s mods vs rockers beach battles…
Members: Jamie Hall (guitar), Jimi Wheelwright (bass) and James Allix (drums)

Track: BITTERSWEET MOTHERFUCKER – from their recently released, excellent
5-track ‘Repressed Semantics’ EP – on iTunes

Score: Smoking cyclic riffs carry this pounding grunge killer. Loud and clear. After
a couple of spins you’ll scream the bloody catching motherfucker chorus at every
single door in your street until you end up in a police squad car nicely wrapped in
a straitjacket. Tall frontman/songwriter/guitarist Jamie Hall recently said he wanted
Tigercub‘s music to be a refuge for anyone who feels a bit fucked over by the current
state of affairs. The man doesn’t talk bollocks as proved last Sunday when the three desperados hit Belgium (together with Toronto’s notorious noisemakers Dilly Dally).


They ran through a short but highly evincive set in Antwerp. No posing. No faking. No special effects. Take it or leave it. Stoner-grunge-rock hullabaloo to get your head activated & melodic power ballads to recover. They came to confirm aloud that they’re not a shit band…


TIGERCUB: Website Facebook – Twitter

Another Jamie attempt for a Chuck Berry duck walk…

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