EQUAL IDIOTS – From Belgium… Smashing Garage Noise Booms!


EQUAL IDIOTS – Cafe Video, GHENT (Belgium) – 25 January 2016


I’m pretty convinced that these two banging Belgian punks were locked up – when they were only six – with a plastic toy guitar and some pots & pans, by their freaky and noise obsessed fathers in a filthy basement with smoking album BOOM by rousing garage rock legends THE SONICS (note: this sixties masterpiece turns 50 – ! – this year) on a broken, secondhand stereo, until they could play all roaring crackers of that historic LP from
start to finish and back.


Thank you, dear wacko fathers, for bringing up your sons the way it should be. Back in
the real world the grown-up little boys now display disorderly, with tons of guts, what
they have been brainwashed with. And they did it with smashing verve in my hometown, last Monday. Singer/guitarist Thibault jumps up and down like a young, horny dog with his tongue out of his mouth while torturing his guitar strings to produce some barbed wired riffs. And he howls like eh… an idiot. Those basement years will haunt him mercilessly for the rest of his life.

One idiot…

Drummer Pieter seems to have recovered better from his troubled childhood than his unhinged buddy although he’s hammering like a Muppet animal who eats amphetamines for breakfast. Bloody hard, loud and fast. Perfect! With only a handful songs/slams written so far they extend their set with a couple of covers. The droning way they mess up 70s pastiche punk hit ‘Ca Plane Pour Moi’ ( by Plastic Bertrand) is just mental. And Thibault wailing some Roy Orbison lines from Pretty Woman between two explosions proves that his mother also owned a record. What’s the future for these brats? Who knows, who cares ?! They’re young NOW, their party is NOW, their boom is NOW. And WE want it NOW!

One animal…

(all pics by Turn Up The Volume!)



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