Happy Birthday To… ROBERT WYATT


Robert Wyatt

Genuine all-around artist
Never ever compromising
Nor with Soft Machine
Nor with his solo creations
A builder of sound and songs
Born as Robert Ellidge in
Bristol (UK) – 28 Jan 1945
Happy B. and have
beautiful peace…

I’d been walking for hours
Needed a rest
Take a good look around
No where to rest
There’s a shop
Selling gentlemen’s suits
Further along
An estate agent or two
And a takeaway sign
Over a dusty door
Shiny photos of food
Slightly micro-waved
It’s a Methodist hall
No smoking
No dogs
It looks pretty grim
In the Methodist hall
Despite a poster which says
That it’s there for us all
And it’s a beautiful day
For walking away
Beautiful day

ROBERT WYATT: Website – Biography – Discography

Robert Wyatt drums soft machine
Soft Machine days behind the drums…

TrackNightVersie2 - kopie

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