THE DRAYNES! The Sound Of A Filthy Basement…



Who/home: an arousing duo of noisemakers – Rick(guitar/vocals)
and Stan (drums/artwork) – from a dirty basement somewhere in
Edinburgh, Scotland where good old Elvis keeps them company…


Track: PSYCHOSIS – brand new single…

Score: I’m quite sure these guys started living in a basement recently to reproduce
the hammering underground noise they constantly heard in their heads. I mean a
real, authentic, filthy basement – under a uninhabitable hovel – with rats spreading
an unbearable smell and cockroaches breeding like rabbits. The duo installed a nearly broken gramophone and played the furious debut album by The Damned for seven consecutive days & nights on repeat to get in the right mood to create their new jam. Psychosis is the schizophrenic end result. Explosive basement punk tumult. Just listen
and think about what those poor rats and cockroaches had to endure down there…

THE DRAYNES: Facebook – Twitter

THE BLACK TAMBOURINES – Garage Punk Storm In Belgium….


THE BLACK TAMBOURINES – Kinky Star Club, Ghent – 27 February 2016

THE BLACK TAMBOURINES are four regular looking guys from Falmouth (Cornwall), UK who turn into supersonic riffs & hooks junkies the moment their guitars are plugged in to create a fully charged mix of 60s garage racket and muscled Mods punk ravage from the same decade. They play faster than white trash nitwit Donald Trump talks bollocks. Yes, that FAST! The gang is around for six years now, produced two dynamite albums along
the way and left their furious marks at many small & big concerts. From guerrilla gigs in the back of their van to appearances at big festivals such as Glastonbury and The Great Escape . Last Saturday they hit my hometown Ghent (last gig of a three-week tour) and
they proved, with crushing flair, that the euphoric reviews on the net weren’t written by themselves. The Black Tambourines are for real.


Speedy and furious. Adrenalized and hectic. With tons of cracking beats and blatant harmonies. Like a sixties US/UK jam with The 13th Floor Elevators and The Small Faces
after a healthy dose of amphetamines. They only slowed down when the bass’ amp couldn’t stand the heat no more and decided to break down… after only three songs. Blitzkrieg pop. At one point I had the impression they tried to play their two LP’s & a handful of new songs in just under 35 minutes. I just love these kind of blasting gigs.
Raw power. Kamikaze set list. High-voltage force. No special effects, no lousy jokes or boring stories between two explosions. Only rock & roll. With a big heart & a big bang!
Hail hail to The Black Tambourines….


The BT’s will jump into the studio soon to record new material. Meanwhile here’s some tumult from the recent past to soundtrack your gymnastics …

… and their two longplayers (self-titled 2014 debut and last year’s Freedom) on Spotify



(All photos by Turn Up The Volume!)

JAKE BUGG – Happy B. To The Young Troubadour

TrackNightVersie2 - kopie

Jake Bugg
troubadour in the old-fashioned way
touring the world over & over again
“my tour bus is my home” he said…
only 22 – born 28 February 1994
title of forthcoming new album
‘On My One’ says it all…
out on June 17th – but first this
magnificent pearl of a song
happy birthday ….

I’ll wait here for you for I’m broken
Down, coming down this town
For my heart lies

Far and away where they took you down
Led them over to your house
Where I’m broken
Down by the people if they let you breathe
Don’t give a damn if you
Still can’t see still my heart beats for you

Have become all I lost
And all I hoped for
But I must carry on
Always one never broken

Run to the lobby where I saw you try
Don’t give a damn for your reasons why
Why I’m broken
Down in the valley where the church bells cry
I’ll lead them over to your eyes
I am one
I am one

Break a story of slonge
Peace and love in a future
Bright sacrifice came around
Never broken

Down by the people if they let you breathe
Don’t give a damn if you still can’t see
Travlin’ street that I did not know
Wheels like tong to the winter lope
Down in the valley where the church bells cry
I’ll lead them over to your eyes
I am one
I am one

JAKE BUGG; Website – Facebook – Twitter

On his 2012 debut album….

WHITNEY ! The New Motown Experience In Belgium…


WHITNEY – Trefpunt, Ghent – 25 February 2016

WHITNEY – out of the Michael Jordan city of Chicago – is a swinging collective, with ex-members of Smith Westerns, Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Touching Voids amongst others, led by Julien Ehrlich & Max Kakacek. Their first single NO WOMAN caused a fast going buzz in and outside the music media a couple of weeks ago. Believe the hype. Their delicious cocktail of smooth pop & sensual soul is timeless and universal. Appealing vibrations for all generations performed by young musicians with trained ears for the right vibes. So it was a quite a thrill, before they get ridiculously famous – and they will – to see them play
in one of the smallest & cosiests clubs in my hometown Ghent….


Singer/drummer JULIEN EHRLICH is upfront for several reasons. His high-flying vocals remind me of a falsetto singing SMOKEY ROBINSON and is the most striking instrument of this multi layered orchestra and he also entertains – nervously (“it’s weird to be in a country you don’t know”) – the audience between songs with questions about our city
and… weed (in our city)…

Band down, drummer sings…

His voice fits the moods generated by this whole orchestra harmoniously. They belong together. They’re a perfect match even when they play an instrumental. They wander
from funky to jazzy. From “this is our reggae song” (and the question about weed) to an Everly Brothers cover. Groovy bass, sparkling guitar lines and gloriously heartwarming trumpet parts fill the tiny room. We all sway from left to right and back…

When guitar and trumpet meet…

This is soul music anno 2016. A sound without frontiers. A band for lovers, a band
for friends, a band for many sentiments. Their forthcoming debut album will travel
this planet faster than they will play shows. The Motown Experience is back and it’s
called WHITNEY


Here’s an idea of the Whitney Live Experience

WHITNEY: Facebook – Twitter


(All photos by Turn Up The Volume!)

THE CYRENAICS – The Sound Of A Doomed Friday…

26 Friday 2016


Not the hedonist Greek philosophers
no, it’s a tortured psychedelic combo
out of Richmond, Virginia – over the ocean…
with tales about the abandoned MaryLou
and her baby during WW III and grooves
to soundtrack her miserable existence…


I see you’re raising your eyebrows
I understand, I did too when I met
this velvet pack from the underground
and heard their doomed Friday song
but trust me, it’s special, ugly beautiful,
give it a try…

It’s a lonely Friday night.
I’ve been in Memphis all my life.
And in the phone booth I thought it would end.
Cuz’ I never got the letter that I thought you would send.

It’s a lonely Friday night.
I’ve been in Memphis all my life.
It’s a lonely don’t you know it is a lonely Friday night.
I stand there, it was Memphis with a bottle of wine.
Ya’ know it’s on the radio.

Wishin’ for the days of picking grass.
High in the meadow dancing barefoot on breakin’ glass .
It’s a lonely Friday night.

It’s a lonely Friday night.
I’ve lived in West Memphis all my life.
In the phone booth I thought it would end.
But I never got a letter that I thought you would send


THE CYRENAICS: Facebook – Twitter

SEVEN IN THE MIX! 2016 – Weekend 27/28 February…


Seven buzzing tracks to play louder & louder
every single hour of this noisy weekend!…

1/ ‘We Got It Figured Out’ by THE SICK THINGS
Highly vitalized rock stroke fueled with snappy harmonies to start this weekend’s party!…
Work: Debut EP cassette via Shake! Records
Home: Montreal, Canada
THE SICK THINGS: Bandcamp – Facebook

2/ ‘Predictions’ by PINEMEN
Shaking new single from the seething Swedish garage rockers with an inflaming finale!…
Home: Stockholm, Sweden
PINEMEN: Facebook – Debut EP ‘Pleasant Pain’ here on Bandcamp – Twitter

3/ ‘Up All Night’ by THE BLIND PETS
Enough arousing riffs, hooks and licks to party all night long  with your new lover…
Album: ‘Sharon Is Karen’ – out April 15th
Home: Austin, Texas
THE BLIND PETS: Facebook – Twitter

4/ ‘Mystery 23’ by DETECTIVE AGENCY
Irresistible ongoing garage pop drive spiced with seducing boy/girl vocals – big score!…
Album: ‘NOW!’ via Discos De Kirlian
Home: Seattle, Washington
DETECTIVE AGENCY: Bandcamp – Twitter – Facebook

5/ ‘Knew You’d Never Been There’ by SEIZE THAT CHAIR
Bouncy, repetitive bass groove, followed by burning guitars, will overpower you slowly…
Home: Sheffield, UK
SEIZE THE CHAIR: Facebook – Twitter

6/ ‘Put Me Out’ by THE HI-FI
“A two note riff and a watery guitar…” says the band. In two words: contagious beats…
Home: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
THE HI-FI: More beats on Bandcamp – Facebook – Twitter

7/ ‘Motorway Hymns’ by THE RAUDIVE
Dark intruiging atmospherics electrified by glimmering guitars
with hypnotic force – feels like a modern road song…
Home: Norwich, UK
Work: ‘Ghost Box EP’ – here on Bandcamp
THE RAUDIVE: Website – Facebook – Twitter


See/hear you next week, music junkies…

DOUBLE VETERANS Serve Explosive Cocktail…


Double Vterans

Who/home: three 60s psych addicts from a garage somewhere in Antwerp, Belgium.
Almost world-famous for one of the most whacky LP titles (their 2014 debut) in recent
years… The Brotherhood of Scary Hair and Homemade Religion. Hallelujah…
Track: COCKTAIL – brand new single from forthcoming, second album
‘Space Age Voyeurism’ out March 4 via Noisesome Recordings
Score: 2.12 minutes of highly bouncy jingle jangle garagebilly to scream along as if
you’re having your best nightmare in years with a why-y-y-y-y-y-y chorus that sounds
like it was orchestrated by Phil Spector but messed up afterwards by a drunk band.
Perfect !…

DOUBLE VETERANS: Facebook – Debut LP on Bandcamp


Double Veterans having a try-out party some weeks ago… (pics: TurnUpTheVolume!)


THE KILLS cover WILLIE NELSON – Alison in Wonderland…


Alison Mosshart & Jamie Hince
covering 1961 ballad CRAZY
by country star Willie Nelson


…in a studio in Chicago (2012)
stripped to the bone
adorable and magical
Alison in Wonderland

I’m crazy, crazy for feeling so lonely
I’m crazy, crazy for feeling so blue
I knew that you’d love me as long as you wanted
And then some day you’d leave me for somebody new

Worry, why do I let myself worry
Wondering what in the world did I do
I’m crazy for thinking that my love could hold you
I’m crazy for trying and crazy for crying
And I’m crazy for loving you

I’m crazy for thinking that my love could hold you
I’m crazy for trying and crazy for crying
And I’m crazy for loving you


THE KILLS: Website – Facebook