PRIMAL SCREAM Back With Brand New Single Featuring SKY FERREIRA…


PRIMAL SCREAM just shared WHERE THE LIGHT GETS IN. The first track
– featuring SKY FERREIRA – of forthcoming new album CHAOSMOSIS.
Out March 18th.


We all love the legendary Scottish gang because – and it’s the only reason why
they survive in grand style – with every new album they take us to another musical
environment. I’m torturing my brains now but I can’t remember they ever took me
to a disco. I mean, a real vintage disco. With flashing lights and a big, shiny disco ball
reflecting thousands of silver sparks all over the dance floor while turning. That is
where the new single – a swirling & sensual electro Gillespie/Ferreira pop duet –
is inviting us to go to. Saturday Night Fever à la The Scream.


Smells like joie de vivre and twenty-four hour party people. The new LP will also feature the Haim sisters on two tracks and Cat’s Eye’s Rachel Zeffira on one. I feel really sorry for Bobby Gillespie, rock & roll is truly a tough job. You lucky bastard.

Let’s start the weekend now…

PRIMAL SCREAM: Website – Facebook – Twitter

Soon in a disco near you…

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