Spotted in Belgium – ULRIKA SPACEK’s Paranoia Jams…


ULRIKA SPACEK – Café Video, Ghent – 1 February 2016

Who: fresh noisy five-piece collective – formed one night in Berlin and now based in London – creating a heavy psych injected mix of mind-bending shoegazing Krautrock.


Band’s name: Rhys Edwards, one of the founders (with Rhys Williams) told me just before the gig that they invented the group’s name a couple of hours after they decided to make music together. ULRIKA refers to German journalist & left-wing militant Ulrike Meinhoff.
In 1970 she co-founded the violent Baader-Meinhoff Group (also known as the Red Army Faction). SPACEK refers to brilliant American actress Sissy Spacek who became famous, early in her career, with her role as a young psychotic girl in horror movie Carrie. With this information you should get a loud and clear picture of the band’s disturbed sonic canvas. Fully charged. Freaky. Explosive. Dangerous.
Work: debut album THE ALBUM PARANOIA is out this Friday via Tough Love Records
Score: the boiling trance like grooves of outstanding track BETA MALE of their debut LP (you can stream it further on) pushed me straight to their gig last night in my hometown. And special it was. The band just had enough space to stand & play shoulder to shoulder. Actually the right setting for their repetitive paranoia melodies drenched in a glorious-wall
-of-distorted-noise while hypnotic guitar lines slowly invade your unsuspected brain. Perfect!


And your heart is pumping up extra blood when electrifying mind-fucking jams fill the room. One moment I thought I saw some My Bloody Valentine and Black Angels members
at the bar. Hallucinations can be fun, you know. It’s the first and definitely not the last time that I will see Ulrika Spacek heading for the sky, eight miles high, very fast. Yes, they will rise as rapid as a comet comes down. They’re quite special. Catch them now, before they play big rock & roll venues, surrounded by badass security.


Stream THE ALBUM PARANOIA via music weekly NME here

ULRIKA SPACEK : Website – Facebook – Twitter


(All concert pics by Turn Up The Volume!)

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