Spotted In Belgium! AIR WAVES – Amplified Pop Magnificence…


AIR WAVES – Café Video, Ghent – 2 February 2016



Another grey, rainy morning in Belgium. But today I don’t care. Not at all. I discovered some striking pop greatness. I discovered AIR WAVES (name inspired by a Guided By Voices song). A Brooklyn/New York band centered around excellent singer-songwriter NICOLE SCHNEIT. Last September she released her second album PARTING GLANCES.
A truly striking album. From melancholic bedroom sentiments to fully powered guitar
pop adrenalin. From Fantasy to Thunder. From songs to touch & embrace to songs to
tap your feet to & sing along. And many other moods in between. You can enjoy her
sonic adventures in your car with all four windows open and a big smile on your face
as well as savor her appealing stories at night while you’re lying lazy in a horizontal position on your couch. Every single track is special and clear proof of Schneit‘s nailing songwriting talents. Moreover she’s blessed with a captivating voice. Vulnerable, yet confident. A natural imposing vox. No special effects. Human and moving.



Another grey, rainy evening in Belgium. But I don’t care. Not at all. I’m in my hometown’s coolest café and I’m glowing with AIR WAVES’ ardor. All beauty I heard some hours ago, while laying horizontal on my couch, is now injected with extra electricity. Nicole Schneit‘s band is not just there to back her up. Here are three musicians who understand perfectly what drive Air Waves‘ songs need and they know how to get the spectators involved. With pulsing drive, vivid rhythms & beats, vibrant guitar lines and some warm organ now & then. Perfect vibe for Nicole to wallow her heart and soul in. A vivacious and spirited performance from start to finish. To hell with the bloody bad weather.


Another grey, rainy night in Belgium. But I don’t care. Not at all. I’m listening to a great discovery – again & again…

About NICOLE SCHNEIT – Facebook – Twitter – PARTING GLACES on Bandcamp

(All gig pictures by Turn Up The Volume!)

(photo: FB Air Waves)

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